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( May. 6th, 2007 12:41 pm)
The young man in the photos is my brother Cody. His puppy is Orion's Akri General Deimos, call name "General." My puppy is Orion's Phantom Midnight Rising, call name "Orion."

1: Cody and General
2: Daemon (my cat) carefully investigating the puppies
3: Daemon staring at the sleeping puppies

1: Dill (my other kitty) staring at the puppies from a SAAAAAFE distance
2: General eyeing the camera
3: Orion sleeping and General putting his paws up

1: Me, Orion, General, and Cody (Left to Right)
2: Orion and General playing tug of war with me
3: Ditto

1: Orion shows his good side
2: Orion tugs on the rope
3: Puppies are konked out after a hard days play (general at top, orion at bottom)

1: Puppies are down and out. (Orion on left. General on right.)
2. Puppies are SLEEEEPING.
3. The Puppy Pile


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