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( Feb. 9th, 2008 11:43 am)
Fred is still kicking. He's a strong little snake. His side is torn up a bit, but I keep putting neosporin on it. (I have been told by THREE breeders that this is the proper thing to do.) And they said to "push" him into a shed by feeding him every three days.

Today was the five day mark for Fred. We are supposed to feed him every 5 to 7 days, trying to feed him every five. Apparently, sometimes they won't eat again that soon.

I soaked Mr. Frozen Baby Pinkie Mouse in hot water for about three minutes before dropping it into the moist "feeding" container. Then, I washed my hands (to keep Fred from considering me food with Mr. FBPM (aka Food) smell). Once I placed Fred in the container, he literally had his nose on the mouse before I had him all the way in. He headbutted it once, and then he began to chow down.

Estimated time from hitting the feeding container to chowing down: .9 seconds
Estimated time from hitting the feeding container to finishing Food: 2 minutes

Here is the promised video. I was planning to play the Jaws Theme, but I didn't expect him to eat so quickly. Promise I'll be smarter and quicker next time. Overall, it is kind of low quality. Like I said, I'll do better next time. *looks at calendar*
On Friday or Saturday, depending on how hungry he is.

Be aware. For some reason, there is feedback from the camera's microphone.



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