Sooo... I have to go to [ profile] druidspell's journal at least once a week, because my friends page takes it in spells to not display her new messages. If I don't see one from her during the week, I check it. Just in case. (I also sometimes do this with other people's lj's, as needed.) I was back browsing, as she hasn't posted recently (*cough*), and I found the Covert Bingo Gamepiece. The first time I saw it, I just looked at it and went on browsing my f-page. I'm exhausted to the point of inability to think (yes, it is only 4:30 in the afternoon), and so that means no posting until after I take a nice long bath and drink a shit-load of fluids. Thus, I'm going to check off my gamepieces. (Sort of.)

And, I play the game )

BTW, Dad and I burned a huge pile of brush today. He brought up the back-hoe and tore up some stumps and tore out some trees. Jason, his brother, and I (though to a lesser extent) scraped the peeling paint from the roof. Tomorrow, we repair one place and paint it.


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