Laura boarded her plane back to Kentucky this morning at about 6:20a.m. Fi and I stayed at the airport until 6:40a.m., just waiting to hear that her flight had been cancelled so she could come back to the apartment with me. But it didn't happen. I made it past the horrid sign (I'll explain in a later post, after I have a picture) and all the way to the Fiesta marketplace before I started crying.

Mia sorella is on her way back to Kentucky. I won't be able to see her again until June. We can chat now (thanks to the awesomeness of Fi's Jason giving Laura his old laptop!) and we can text and pic message, but Laura is going to be in freakin' Kentucky. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. I wanted her to STAY.

Now Fi is at work until 7p.m. Laura is on a flight to Kentucky. I'm home alone with the Evil Kitty Alliance, no where to go and nothing to do.

Cody just called me. They just arrived at their new house in Colorado. Cody said it was beautiful and very, very big! Apparently he has a mountain view from his backyard. I'm so happy for him and the Stephanie! They finally have their own place together! For the win!


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