Sooo... I have to go to [ profile] druidspell's journal at least once a week, because my friends page takes it in spells to not display her new messages. If I don't see one from her during the week, I check it. Just in case. (I also sometimes do this with other people's lj's, as needed.) I was back browsing, as she hasn't posted recently (*cough*), and I found the Covert Bingo Gamepiece. The first time I saw it, I just looked at it and went on browsing my f-page. I'm exhausted to the point of inability to think (yes, it is only 4:30 in the afternoon), and so that means no posting until after I take a nice long bath and drink a shit-load of fluids. Thus, I'm going to check off my gamepieces. (Sort of.)

[*]I do not assume that masculine females are lesbians unless they are holding hands with another female.
[*]I do not assume that feminine males are gay unless they are holding hands with another male.
[*]*Dabs space* I do assume that people I meet are heterosexual unless they tell me otherwise.
[*]I assume that males involved with art and design are comfortable with their sexuality (whatever it is); I also think that males involved HEAVILY in art and design are metrosexual.
[*]I never use the word "dyke," ever. So I never use the word "dyke" in a negative way.
[*]*dabs* Actually, I don't support special rights for gays. I DO support EQUAL rights for all sexualities, though. Does that count as a dab or was the space poorly worded?
[*]I think the idea of gay sex is actually really, really, REALLY hot. Like, I find it hot in the way that I find good dom/sub play.
Is that creepy? <.< >.>
[*]I don't think that transsexuals are disgusting.
[*]No human being is an "it" unless they specifically want to be. I think everyone needs to find what makes them happy, though the people who are happy while murdering/raping/etcetera other people should be locked away. Everyone else, though, as you wish.
[*]I believe a lot of people misinterpret the Bible to make it shine negatively on those they do not like.
[*]I think that lesbians should be with whomever makes them happy.
[*]I believe that marriage is between two people who loves each other to the point of desiring that deeper commitment and wanting the world to acknowledge that they have it.
[*]I use the word "gay" to refer to men attracted to other men. I also use the word to mean "happy." I tend to misinterpret it to mean "happy" when I hear it being used as a pejorative.
[*]If I fall in love with a transexual, I'm still in love with him or her. Though I'd prefer he or she be honest with me before we get uber-serious, as a matter of trust... *shrugs* I won't confess my most personal history on a first or second date.
[*]I believe that reparative therapy should never be forced on anyone. I also believe that some of the zealots supporting it should realize that the many of the people in "treatment" were perfectly fine mentally until they sunk their evil thoughts and cruel suppositions into their heads.
[*]I don't believe that people calling themselves bi-sexual are confused. I believe that people who THINK bisexuals are confused are confused.
[*]I do not believe anyone--even homophobic people-- should use fag to mean anything outside the British terminology.
[*]Did I mention that gay sex is hot? Seriously.
[*]*dabs* I have begun a sentence "I'm not homophobic, but..." It went something like, "I'm not homophobic but I don't like ANY stranger hanging all over me. She's cute, but she's making me uncomfortable." *blinks* Gina (a friend I hung with in high school) pretended to be my girlfriend to get her to back off a bit. No one gets to fondle me without an invitation. Male or female. Period. Thanks.
[*]See bisexual/confused reply.
[*]I do not use the word "fag" at all.
[*]I do not believe transexuals are confused.
[*]Lesbian sex doesn't hit my buttons like gay sex, but then I'm not attracted to females. However, just because it doesn't make me hot and bothered doesn't mean it is unnatural.
[*]Homosexuality is not a mental ILLNESS or a disease. Go back to reparative therapy comment.
[*]*dabs* We do have freedom of speech in America. You can carry a sign that says "God Hates Fags." I think, though, that one day God may get a bit pissy about all these people telling him what he does or doesn't hate. On that day, I'm buying popcorn for anyone who wants to watch.

BTW, Dad and I burned a huge pile of brush today. He brought up the back-hoe and tore up some stumps and tore out some trees. Jason, his brother, and I (though to a lesser extent) scraped the peeling paint from the roof. Tomorrow, we repair one place and paint it.


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