The payoff on my car with the loan company is $13,558.98. The total loss value of my car is $13,750. That means I'll clear a little less than $200.00 ... EXCEPT that I have to swallow my $1000.00 downpayment and the $1500.00 I have paid on it to date. Gone. Buh-bai. *wave*

My dad took me to get the police report, and I dropped it off at my insurance company. They called Safe Auto. Turns out, the insurance policy lapsed in December. The vehicle that hit me WAS NOT insured anymore. So all of this reverts to my uninsured motorist policy.

If it is not totaled (I'm $1400 short of what it needs before they stripped it down today. That could have changed), I will have to pay my $500 deductible. The bad news is that I don't know when the insurance company will pay it back to me. Only that they will after they sue the owner of the vehicle. My insurance company says that it could take two weeks or a year. Thus, anyone who has agreed to lend me money... I'll pretend you haven't. If you are still willing to lend me money knowing that it may not be only a month wait, let me know.

If it is totaled, I have to come up with another downpayment on a car and reapply for a loan. I have to reapply for the A-Plan, and repay all the taxes and such on the car. Then, I have to pay on the car... In other words, I'm starting all over except 2500 dollars SHORT.

Oh! And no rental car.



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