Woke up this morning to whiplash. I can't turn my head from side to side. My knee is better, but my shoulder is still a bitch.

I forgot that it was my biological mom's birthday. I talked to her twice today, once to ask her to get my medicine... Didn't wish her happy birthday. She stopped by to drop off my medicine, and I still didn't remember. She left. I remembered, and I called her. Oops.

I have three papers to write, all due tomorrow. One is already late, and should have been finished days ago. One is due tomorrow, and she won't give me an extension. The other was due today, and we've known about it for weeks so I can't ask for an extension. I've got to stop procrastinating.

I need a nap, but I can't sit still. My nerves are ravaged. I cleaned up my desk a bit, started a beef stew (made Jason peel potatoes before he left and I put them in water to soak), and put my work papers in order (which I've neglected for the past month). Then, I wrote a letter to my aunt--who is a nun--because I haven't done that in a month. Once that it was complete and ready to be mailed, I was a little less skittish.

Of course, pseudo-contentment can't last. No. So my claims adjuster calls. My car was worth $13,790 before it was hit, according to them. The damage threshold for it to be totaled is $10,331. According to their insurance adjuster person, it has $8,947 worth of damage. I.E. It is not totaled, because of $1400. This is actually a disappointment to me, because it means that they are going to repair it and leave me with a car that has been wrecked. That decreases its value immensely. Also, I have to worry about it having problems in the future.... which defeats the point of having bought a new car.

The worst is coming. Wait for it.

Wait for it.


I have to pay my $500 deductible to get my car back after they fix it. Of course, I get the $500 back after my insurance company sues the other insurance company for the costs of everything. Where am I going to get a $500 dollar loan for a month? I don't have that kind of money. Neither does most of my family. WTF?

Seriously, God. Seriously.

Not. Funny.


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